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Pre-Purchase Reviews

Pre-Purchase Review Australia

Buying a new business is a big step. In fact, for many people, it is one of their biggest purchases, second only to buying their first home.
But buying a business is a bit different. It has its own financial risks and brings with it the potential for you to lose your money. And there is no guarantee of success.
That’s why it is critical you do as much research as possible!
You need to be as confident as possible with your decision to invest in the franchise.
That’s one of the reasons why franchising is so popular. A good franchise is built on a proven business model which has been tried and tested. It will then be up to you to replicate this model to be successful as well.


We review the financial information provided by the franchisor and use it to prepare our report for you. The Pre purchase Review is an 8-10 page report which covers the financial aspects of the franchise you’re looking to purchase, as well as other factors to consider.

We also like to give you a call and talk you through the report when it’s completed.

The Pre purchase Review is specifically designed to identify three things:

  • The operating expenses you’re likely to incur in your first year of business.
  • The sales revenue you will need to achieve to cover these costs, and
  • The financial commitments required to support the business, ie. Loans, etc.

Pre purchase Reviews are specifically designed for Greenfield sites.

(A greenfield site is one where there is no existing unit of the franchise brand in that territory).

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