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Case Studies

Sid and Kim first contacted me when they were looking to buy a new Mad Mex franchise. Sid has a good job at a large corporate and planned to stay working there. Kim would run the business. Neither of them had any previous experience running a small business. 

They asked us to do a Pre purchase Review for the business. It would be a greenfield site and was going to be the first in that particular area.  

The starting point is to calculate the expenses we expect the business to incur in its first year of operation. Even for a greenfield site, these can be estimated fairly well.

When I first met Warren, he was a senior executive with a multi national company. He had achieved success in his career and had just been offered a promotion with an even bigger territory to manage. 

When discussing it with his wife Katrina, he realised it would mean more time away from home, more travel and a lot more time spent in airport lounges. 

“You know what? I think I’ll give it a miss,” he told his boss. “It’s time I did my own thing.” 

Kylie is currently in the process of buying a brand new BFT (Body Fit Training) franchise. It will be a greenfield site, which means there is no existing BFT in her territory. 

She has asked us to prepare a Pre purchase Review for her. The main thing she is looking for is an understanding of the expenses she will incur in her first year of operation. She wants to be sure she has sufficient funds available to see her through the first few months of trading (working capital). 

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