5 Things to Consider When Looking to Buy a Franchise Business

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5 Things to Consider When Looking to Buy a Franchise Business

In Australia, the franchise industry has experienced significant growth, with over 1,200 franchise systems operating across various sectors. This growth is attributed to the numerous benefits that franchise businesses offer, making them a popular choice for entrepreneurs. Franchising is a proven business model that offers a clear path to success, with many franchisees achieving significant financial returns and personal fulfilment.

A franchise business is a type of business where an individual, known as the franchisee, purchases the right to operate a business using a brand name, business model, and systems developed by another company, known as the franchisor. This model offers numerous benefits, including access to established brand recognition, comprehensive training, and ongoing support. These advantages make franchise businesses an attractive option for entrepreneurs who want to start their own business but lack the resources or expertise to do so independently.

However, there are few things you should consider before buying a franchise. Read on to find out more.

Understanding the Franchise Model

A franchise is a business model where a franchisor, who owns a brand and business system, licences its operations, products, and branding to a franchisee. This relationship is based on a legal contract known as the franchise agreement. The franchisor provides the franchisee with the right to use their brand name and business model in exchange for a fee, which can be a one-time payment or ongoing royalties. The franchisee operates the business independently but must adhere to the franchisor’s standards and guidelines to maintain the brand’s reputation.
There are two primary types of franchises: product distribution franchises and business format franchises. Product distribution franchises focus on the distribution of products, such as goods manufactured by the franchisor. In contrast, business format franchises involve the franchisor providing a comprehensive business system, including operational procedures, marketing strategies, and quality control measures. This type of franchise is more common and is seen in businesses like fast food chains, where the franchisee uses the franchisor’s brand and business model to operate the business.

5 Things to Consider When Looking to Buy a Franchise

Buying a franchise can be a great way to start your own business, but it’s essential to do your research and consider several key factors before making a decision. Here are five things to think about when looking to buy a franchise:

Research the Franchise

Before buying a franchise, it’s important to research the company thoroughly. Look into their reputation, success rate, and how long they’ve been in business. Make sure the franchise aligns with your interests and values. In addition, make sure you have a genuine interest in the industry or business you’re considering. Additionally, assess your skills and experience to determine if they align with the requirements of the franchise. For instance, if you’re buying a restaurant franchise, you should have some experience in the food service industry or be willing to learn quickly.

 Financial Requirements

Franchises often require a significant upfront investment, which can include fees for the franchise itself, equipment, and training. It’s crucial to have a solid financial plan in place to cover these costs. You should also consider ongoing expenses such as rent, inventory, and employee salaries. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the financial commitment involved.

Support and Training

A good franchise should provide comprehensive support and training to help you succeed. Look for a franchise that offers ongoing training and mentorship, as well as access to resources such as marketing and operational guidance. This support can be invaluable in helping you navigate the challenges of running a business.

Market Demand and Competition

Research the market demand for the product or service your franchise offers. Ensure that there is a strong demand for the product and that you’re not entering a highly competitive market. You should also consider the demographics of the area you’re interested in and whether they align with the target market for the franchise.

Contract and Terms

Before signing a contract, carefully review the terms and conditions of the franchise agreement. Pay attention to the length of the contract, the fees involved, and any restrictions on your business operations. It’s essential to understand your obligations and the potential consequences of not meeting the terms of the agreement.

Searching For Franchise Opportunities: Initial Investment and Ongoing Costs

When starting a new business, it is essential to understand the typical initial investments required. These costs can vary depending on the type of business, but here are some common expenses to consider:

  • Franchise Fee: If you are purchasing a franchise, you will need to pay a fee to the parent company. This fee can range from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Equipment: Depending on the type of business, you may need to purchase specialised equipment. For example, a restaurant may need to buy ovens, refrigerators, and other kitchen appliances.
  • Initial Inventory: You will need to stock your business with initial inventory, which can include products, supplies, and materials.
  • Rent and Utilities: You will need to pay rent for your business location and utilities such as electricity, water, and internet.

In addition to the initial investment, there are ongoing costs to consider when running a business. These fees can include:

  • Royalty Fees: If you are operating a franchise, you will need to pay a percentage of your sales to the parent company as a royalty fee.
  • Marketing Fees: You may need to pay for marketing and advertising expenses to promote your business.

Renewal Fees: If you are operating a franchise, you may need to pay a renewal fee to continue operating the business.

Financial Requirements

Before starting a business, it is crucial to assess whether you have the financial capacity to cover both initial and ongoing costs. This includes considering your income, savings, and any loans or investments you may need to secure.

Return on Investment (ROI)

When evaluating the potential of a business, it is essential to consider the potential for profit and how long it might take to achieve a return on your investment. This can help you determine whether the business is a good investment and whether you have the financial resources to sustain it.

How to Find the Perfect Franchise for You?

Searching for the perfect franchise involves taking specific steps to browse and select the right opportunity. Conducting thorough research on different franchises, their business models, and financial requirements is paramount in finding a suitable match.

Various factors should be considered when choosing a franchise for sale, such as initial investment costs, ongoing fees, training and support provided, and market potential. Evaluating these aspects can aid in making an informed decision regarding franchise ownership.

Additionally, researching franchisors and their reputation is crucial. Understanding the history and performance of the franchisor can give insights into their credibility and the level of support they offer to franchisees.

What to Know About Franchise Agreements and Responsibilities?

Before finalising a franchise purchase, it’s essential to comprehend the terms outlined in the franchise agreement. This legal document governs the relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee, detailing the rights, obligations, and restrictions of both parties.

As a franchisee, one must be aware of the roles and responsibilities that come with owning a franchise. Following the guidelines set by the franchisor, maintaining brand standards, and adhering to operational protocols are key aspects of fulfilling these responsibilities.

It’s also important to distinguish between single-unit and master franchise opportunities. Single-unit franchises involve owning and operating one franchise unit, while master franchises grant the franchisee the right to operate multiple units within a specific territory.

Where to Look for Franchise Businesses for Sale in Australia?

For individuals seeking franchise businesses for sale in Australia, popular locations like Melbourne offer a thriving market for prospective franchisees. Exploring the cafe franchise opportunities in Brisbane can also be a lucrative option for those interested in the food and beverage sector.
Alternatively, exploring resale options and existing franchise businesses in Perth can present viable opportunities for individuals interested in acquiring an established franchise. These resale options may come with existing customer bases and operational infrastructure, facilitating a smoother transition into franchise ownership.

What are the Risks and Rewards of Buying a Franchise Business?

Embarking on a franchise journey entails navigating various challenges as an entrepreneur in the franchise world. Understanding the risks associated with franchise ownership, such as market fluctuations, competition, and regulatory changes, is essential for long-term success.

However, investing in a well-known franchise brand can offer significant benefits, including brand recognition, established operational systems, and ongoing support from the franchisor. Leveraging these advantages can position franchisees for success and sustainable growth in their business ventures.

To achieve a successful franchise journey, implementing effective strategies, maintaining operational excellence, and adapting to market dynamics are vital. By following these tips and embracing growth opportunities, franchisees can maximise their potential for success in the competitive franchising landscape.


When looking to buy a franchise business, it’s important to carefully consider your options and make an informed decision. Research different franchises, their track record, and the support they offer. Assess your own skills, resources, and goals to find a franchise that aligns with your vision for success.

Remember, buying a franchise is a significant investment, so take the time to thoroughly evaluate the opportunity and seek professional advice if needed. With careful consideration and a solid plan, you can find a franchise business that sets you up for long-term success.


The world of franchising offers a wealth of opportunity, but understanding the financial complexities requires specialised knowledge. By understanding franchise accounting fundamentals and the value a franchise accountant brings, you’re well on your way to achieving franchisee success.

A franchise accountant becomes your trusted advisor, ensuring your financial house is in order. They’ll help you manage cash flow, comply with franchise agreements, and maximise tax benefits. Franchise accounting expertise empowers you to make informed decisions, grow your business, and ultimately thrive within the franchise network.

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How can I browse franchises in cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane?

You can browse franchises in cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane by visiting online franchise directories, attending franchise expos and seminars, and contacting franchise consultants who specialise in those regions.


What are the benefits of buying a franchise resale?

 Buying a franchise resale can offer benefits such as an established customer base, existing cash flow, trained staff, proven business operations, and potential for growth and improvement.


What should I look out for as a franchisee?

As a franchisee, it is important to carefully consider all aspects of opening a franchise. Look out for the best franchise opportunities in Australia, such as cleaning franchise or fast-food options. Research the franchise businesses available and choose one that fits your investment amount and business goals.
Before signing on with a new franchise, ensure that the franchise term and ongoing support systems are second to none. Be aware of the ACCC guidelines for franchise operation and understand what it means to be a franchisee in Australia.

What should I ask before deciding to buy a franchise in Australia?

Before deciding to buy a franchise in Australia, you should ask about the franchisor’s financial performance, the franchise’s operating history, any legal disputes involving the franchise, the terms of the franchise agreement, and the support provided by the franchisor.


How can I find the top franchise opportunities in cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane?

You can find top franchise opportunities in cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane by researching franchise rankings, consulting with franchise experts, attending franchise expos, and networking with other entrepreneurs in the franchising industry.


What should I know about franchising in Australia before signing a franchise agreement?

Before signing a franchise agreement in Australia, it’s essential to understand the disclosure document provided by the franchisor, be aware of the rights and obligations of a franchisee in a particular franchise system, and seek advice from a business adviser or legal professional specialising in franchising.


What should entrepreneurs consider when looking for a franchisor?

When considering a franchisor, it is important to look for one with ongoing franchise and business support. Franchisees must ensure they are willing to follow the business model provided.

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